CS2304-SYSTEM SOFTWARE Two Marks Questions With Answers 2014


Anna University, Chennai




16 Marks

1. Describe the architecture of SIC machine.

2. Describe SIC/EX machine architecture.

3. Discuss about any one of the RISC machine architecture.

4. Discuss about any one of the RISC machine architecture.

16 Marks

1. Explain the design of a loader.

2. Discuss about the absolute loader.

3. What is meant by automatic library search?

4. Explain about bootstrap loader.

clip_image008[4]5. Explain the functions of program linking in machine dependent loader.

16 Marks

1. Explain in detail about Macro processor algorithm and data structures.

2. Explain the following machine independent macro features.

a. Concatenation of macro parameters

b. Keyword macro parameters

3. Explain in detail about MASM macro processor.

4. Explain ANSI C macro processor.

5. Explain conditional macro expansion with different types of macro conditional statements.

6. i) Why should a macro processor generate unique labels and explain how unique labels are generated.

clip_image010[4]ii) Discuss in brief about the data structures used by a macro processor.

16 Marks

1. Explain the Editor structure with a neat diagram.

2. Write short notes on

a. Interactive debugging systems

b. Text editors

3. Write short notes on

a. User Interface Criteria

b. Features that a basic text editor should posses

4. Explain debugging functions and its capabilities.

5. i) How are user interfaces useful? Explain

ii) Discuss the nature of user interface for an interactive debugger.

6. Discuss in detail about Interactive debugging systems

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