Anna University, Chennai



1. Describe how the flicker is solved by interlaced scanning?

2. Explain the structure and the generation of video output from a vidicon camera.

3. Give the constructional details of a monochrome picture tube and explain the beam landing

4. Explain in detail the silicon diode array vidicon camera tube.

5. Write notes on composite video signal.

6. Draw Block Diagram of RF Tuner and explain how incoming signals from different sections are translated to common picture IF and sound IF frequencies.

7. Describe briefly the factors that influenced the choice of picture IF =38.9 and sound IF =33.4MHz in the 625 line system.

8. Explain how composite video signal is detected ?How is the polarity of video output signal decided?

9. Draw block diagram of a monochrome TV receiver and briefly explain the

operation of TV receiver.

10. Explain briefly the operation of IF subsystem.

11.Explain in detail the NTSC color receiver system.

12. Explain working of a pAL system.

13.Describe with necessary diagrams the encoding of color difference signal.

14.Describe the generation of Y signal and color difference signals.

Find the value for cyan.


15.Explain in detail about SECAM system.

.16.Explain the working of U and V demodulators. .

17.Describe with a circuit Burst phase discriminator.

18.Write the need and working of Automatic Gain control Circuit.

19.Write Short notes on color killer circuit.

20.Briefly explain PAL-D system.

21.Briefly explain satellite based TV broadcast system.

22.Write short notes on Video disc system.

23.Write short notes on High definition Television.

24. Briefly explain CATV system.

25. Briefly explain Digital TV transmission and reception

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