Anna University 

Power Plant Engineering Important Questions

Semester : 04
Branch : EEE 
Year : IInd yr


(16 MARKS)

1. Draw a general layout of therma1/steam power plant and explain the working of different circuits.

2. Explain in detail about the coal preparation, cleaning and handling.

3.(a)State and derive Rankine cycle.
 (b)Explain the working of cyclone burner & fluidized bed combustion system.

4. How are cooling towers classified? Explain them.

5. Draw a layout of typical micro hydro scheme and explain its working in detail.

6. What are the different types of pumped storage power generation? Explain its advantages & disadvantages.

7. Sketch the layout of hydro electric power plant &explain the functions of each component in it. Discuss the.advantages & limitations of this power plant.

8. How are dams classified? What are the factors to be considered in selecting type of dams?

9 Explain the principle of operation Of fast breeder reactor, CANDU & boiling water reactor.

10. Explain the construction & working of super critical, pressurized & gas cooled water reactors.

11. (a)Explain with neat sketch about the controlled and uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction.(8)
 (b) Explain the importance of nuclear waste management.(8)

12. Explain in detail about the components of diesel power plant.

13. Explain in detail about Regeneration, Reheating & Inter cooling .

14. Explain the layout of gas turbine power plant & diesel power plant. . Discuss the advantages & limitations of this power plant.

15. With a neat sketch explain the working principle and types of fuel cells. Give its advantages and disadvantages.

16. Explain the working principle of OTEC with it’s advantages & dis-advantages.

17.Explain the working principle of Geo-thermal conversion system with neat diagram.

18.Describe the governing principle Impluse and Francis turbine.

19 (a) Compare radial flow and axial flow trubo machine.

(b) Diff between Impluse and Reaction turbine.

20 (a) .Explain in detail about Tital Energy conversion system,

(b) Explain Magneto Hydro Dynamic System.