Technical English– SENTENCE ANALYSIS + KEY

Anna University

Technical English I & II – Lecture Notes



  1. My brother is a doctor
  2. My, brother, who is a doctor, gave a lecture at the conference yesterday
  3. I know a doctor
  4. I know a doctor who can treat you
  5. Can you give me the book?
  6. Can you buy some flowers for me?
  7. That will make him angry
  8. The noise will make him very angry
  9. Your lying will make him angry
  10. It will make him angry that you lied
  11. There is a man at the door
  12. A man is at the door
  13. I know the old couple very well
  14. How well do you know the old couple?
  15. They didn’t tell him, which is good
  16. They didn’t tell him which car had been stolen
  17. They didn’t tell it to him
  18. They didn’t tell him that his car had been stolen
  19. They didn’t tell him that somebody had stolen his car
  20. We take the bus every morning
  21. We never take the bus in the morning
  22. We don’t take the bus in the morning
  23. This book is mine
  24. This is my book


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