Technical English II Exercise–Hand in Tasks

Anna University

Technical English II Exercise


  1. Sentence analysis

Analyse the sentences below. Find sentence elements (subject, verb, object, adverbial etc) and identify parts of speech (noun, verb, preposition, pronoun etc).


The teacher is happy The teacher is happy

Def. noun verb adj. Subject verb Subj. predicative


John has a good friend

I bought a new car yesterday

Have they always lived in London?

He is two years old and we call him Benjamin

  1. Verb tenses

Underline the verb forms in the sentences below and state which verb tense is used.

I am leaving for London tomorrow

It is 10 o’clock

They were in Scotland for two weeks this summer

You are being such an idiot

We are all very happy

We have all gone home

What were you doing last night?

I have been away

I had been away

I have been doing grammar

  1. Explaining differences

Try to explain the semantic (meaning) and the syntactic (grammar) difference between these two sentences:

He is so selfish

He is being so selfish

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