Technical English–I & II–The Present Tenses Lecture Notes

Anna University

Technical English – I & II


1. Choose the simple present or the present continuous of the italized verb forms in the sentences below. Make necessary changes in word order. Try to explain your choice.

a. They occasionally ask me to dinner.

b. ‘What you talk about?’ she said in an angry tone.

c. The country continue inland for ninety miles or so until you cross the maritime plain and the mountains break into view.

d. A: What do the man for a living?

B: He run a publishing firm.

A: It do well?

B: Oh, yes, the reading public get bigger and bigger, you know. The firm sell about two hundred thousand paperbacks every year.

e. Whenever I drive through Oslo, I get irritated at the slow traffic.

f. It rain a good deal at this time of the year. As you can see, it rain now.

g. She always lose her gloves and send me looking for them.

h. In the foreground you see Mary, who watch a group of ostriches. They move peacefully about between a herd of antelopes which graze in the long grass. In the background the mountains rise to the sky, their peaks hidden in dark clouds.

i. On the western slopes of the United States, south of Puget Sound, warm, gentle rain fall almost constantly. On these mountain slopes giant Douglas firs grow as they grow nowhere else in the world. Pine and fir and other evergreen trees cover the western side of the Cascade Mountains.

2. Correct any wrong or unlikely present tense forms in the sentences below.

a. When I was a child, I learnt about foreign countries and how people are living in those countries.

b. Most of the things we use every day are coming from oil.

c. Throughout the whole of New England, there is also a widely developed tourist industry which entices vacationers to the region’s forests, mountains and sea.

d. More and more people become aware of the need to recycle tins, bottles and paper.

e. The cliché – ‘Norway, the land of the Vikings’ – is obviously true as long as it is only stating a historical fact.

f. The greatest part of America’s heavy industry depends on three resources.

g. The committee is consisting of world famous experts in fields such as chemistry and physics.

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