Technical English–Parts of Speech

Anna University

Technical English I & II Lecture Notes

Parts of speech


Make nouns of the verbs below:

draw drawing act act, action, actor describe description

admit admission treat treatment punish punishment

refuse refusal deny denial bake baker, bakery

2. Make nouns of the adjectives below:

kind kindness idle idleness false falsehood, falsity

safe safety real reality possible possibility

true truth strong strength just justice

ignorant ignorance innocent innocence secret secret, secrecy

3. Make verbs of these nouns:

strength strengthen symbol symbolize blood bleed

food feed life live bath bathe

4. Make verbs of these adjectives:

short shorten soft soften real realize

civil civilize full fill equal equalize

5. Make adjectives of these nouns:

ice icy child childish, childlike devil devilish

friend friendly day daily care careful, careless

art artistic, artful, artless trouble troublesome danger dangerous

quarrel quarrelsome nature natural music musical

6. Make adjectives of these verbs:

interest interesting please pleasant, pleasing act active

talk talkative eat edible, eatable admire admirable

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