Technical English–II–Part A Question Bank

Anna University

Technical English – II

Part-A Question Bank

1.Match the words in column “A” with their meanings in column “B”:

a. Cramped i) take people into service on contract

b. Stagnant ii) variety; having differences

c. Recruit iii) confined within narrow limits

d. Diversity iv) not moving or changing

v) a condition caused by magical powers

a) Mandatory make certain

b) Ascertain compulsory

c) Infrastructure feasibility

d) Viability building

a) Benevolent - Save

b) Regulations - Clear

c) Lucid - System

d) Reedem - Kind

a) Affluent deadly, danger

b) Uranium bring goods from foreign country

c) Fatal abundant: rich

d) Import metallic element

a) Amalgamation giving out rays

b) Chip man-made program

c) Radiation bring together

d) Depletion getting completely exhausted

Device composed of silicon

a) Permeability not belonging to the earth.

b) Core abnormal accumulation of people

c) Extra terrestrial passing through

d) Congestion an additional thing

inner most part


Noun Verb Adjective Adverb

a) ______ regrets ________ regrettably

b) ______ advise ________ _______

c) Peace _______ ________ ________

Noun Verb Adjective

a) Acceptance _________ ________.

b) ________ Agreement ________.

c) Continue ________ _______.

d) ________ ________ appreciative


Psychology ---------- Psychologist

Drama --------- Dramatist

---------- Natural Naturalist

Technology Technological -----------

---------- Chemical ---------

Botany --------- -------------

---------- ------------- Geologist

Ecology ----------- ----------

---------- Science -----------

----------- ------------- environmentalist

------------ Protection ------------

------------ Physics ----------

Technological ------------- -------------

-------------- ------------- industrialist


a) Cell Structure

b) Blood circulation

c) Silicon Chip

d) Information technology

e) Walking stick

f) Alarm clock

g) Water source

h) Copper wire

i) Chemical change

j) Green land

k) Flash light

l) Below dignity

m) Flour mill

n) House keeping

o) Weighing machine

p) Test tube

q) Wicket keeper

r) Gross income

s) Sun rise

t) Blow pipe

u) Loud speaker

v) Rolling stone

w) Ink pen

x) Essay writing

y) Under estimation

z) Golden ring

4. Fill in the blanks with correct tense forms of the verbs given in the brackets:

1. Rajesh ________ (work) as a farmer in a village near Salem till June 1990. In July 1990, he ________ (change) his profession. After the change, he ______ (migrate) to Chennai and through hard work he became rich. At present, he _______ (be) the owner of two factories in the city.

2. An interesting problem _____(face) in the early days _____(be) about how they ____(keep) the supply of water even when the train _____(stop) at the station.

3. (set, free, cry, go, discover)

A falconer, one day------ a partridge in the nets. He------ out to trap some birds. As he------- is prey, the bird ----- out, “Please, friend let me ------. If you------ me, I promise, you shall have all you want in life.”

4. From the economic point of view, solar cookers_________(be) the ideal cooking devices for rural India. But when one_____(consider) the time factor, they______ (prove) to be very disappointing. The community type hybrid solar cooker_______ (design) bearing in mind both cost and time as the two deciding factors.

5. In October 1900, therefore, the Wright brothers were_____(fight) with the mosquitoes and cold among the dunes at Kitty Hawk. They _______(choose) this spot because Washington’s weather bureau tables ______(show) it to have steady 20 mph winds.

6. A falconer one day _____(discover) a partridge in the nets. He ____(set) out to trap some birds. As he _______(approach) his prey, the bird ____(cry) out “please, friend let me ____(go). If you ____(free) me, I promise you, I ____(lure )many other partridges into your nets. “No “, _____(reply)the falconer. I_____ (set) you free, but you will deserve your fate.

7. At Chernobyl,the accident __________(occur)while the operators ____________(carry) out a test on the tube generator.There _________(be) some serious violations of basic operation rules.No less than seven specific violations___________(take)place.

8.The rain god ___________(fail)us once again.The paddy crops___________(die).The farmers____________(find)it difficult to make bothe ends meet.If the situation________

___________(continue)like this,they will have to suffer for months together.

9.Thinking ahead___________(be)the privilege given to man alone.Man _________(learn)from the past experience,___________(analyse)the present and ________(plan)for the future.

10.Srinivasa Ramanujan_____________(be)a great mathematical genius.He___________

(accept)a clerical position in the Madras Port Trust Office.While he __________(work)as a clerk,he __________(write)to G.H.Hardy of Cambridge University a letter that was to change his life.

1. Cotton _____(catch) fire easily.

2. He has _____(never wear) glasses all his life.

3. If I had received your letter, I _____(reply) .

4. He _____ (prepare) for the GATE now.

5. You__________now as Mr.Robert’s assistant,aren’t you(work).

6. She _______the television continuosly for four hours when she ____________headache.(watch,develop)

7. How can we _______what he________?He ­­­__________a compulsive liar(accept,say,be)

8. My brother ________a lot of money now but he ___________everything(earn,spend)

9. Sheela ________college everyday by car but today she__________by bus,as her father

__________the car to office.(go,go,take)

10.He _______in New Delhi for 10 years and after that he_________to London(live,move)

  1. Fill in the blanks in following passage with suitable prepositions.

1. Very fast trains are safe compared _______ most other forms _____ motorized transport. For example, the TGV, which commenced operation ____ 1981 travels ____ 10 million passenger kilometers each year.

2. The boiler converts water ____ steam ____ the required temperature and pressure. The steam gets collected ____ the surface ____ the water.

3. Experiments have been carried out------ volunteers to see what happen when all sensations are stopped. This can be done ----- several ways. One method is----- put a man ----- a completely isolated room.

4. All the great developments----- the physical sciences, natural science and engineering technology have contributed ----- a more comfortable life. Efficiency------work is almost ensured. The human energy is saved ------- drudgery.

  1. A Snowflake originates ____ countless water molecules that initially come together ____ small groups as a result ____ a weak force _____ oxygen and hydrogen atoms


  1. You can see all the information_____________the screen which gives the details

the arrival and departure___________trains.

  1. What is the matter ____________your car?Haven’t you sent it____________servicing?
  1. We do most _____________our travelling__________summer,when our children are ______________vacation.
  1. Bhutan is a land ____________soaring snowcapped peaks,alpine meadows and densely forested hills and ravines abounding _________exotic flora and fauna.

__________May __________August the hills are covered with many flowers

  1. Children have been playing_________toys__________ages.Infact,the very early

Toys are said _________be made __________2000 B.C.A toy is not simply an object ______amusement,it can be educative also.

  1. In future,houses may be erected ________built-in computers controlling everything ________paying bills _________opening doors and regulating the entry _______people.
  1. Insert suitable adverbs in the blanks:
  1. She danced _______ at the function.
  2. He speaks very _______.
  3. The fee structure is ______announced by the government.
  4. Prabha’s ideas are _____ sound and acceptable.
  5. This essay is ________written.
  6. The bus broke down,________I was late.
  7. My friend is expected to arrive _____________.
  8. Your answer is __________right.
  9. Ram arrived __________in the morning.
  10. I looked for him ______________.
  11. The ___________help rendered by friends was very valuable.
  12. I ___________expect to pass in the examination.
  13. I have done the problem as it was __________easy.

7. Rewrite the following expressions using numerical adjectives:

  1. a tank with a capacity of 2000 litres
  2. a committee of 6 members
  3. a project proposal for 10 crores
  4. an engine with 100cc power

e. a weight of six quintals.

f. a distance of three hundred miles.

g. a dowry of six lakh rupees.

h. a speed of five hundred miles

i a dam of twelve gates.

j. a tour of two hundred days.

k. a ship of four hundred meters.

l a compensation of five lakh rupees

8. Rewrite the following pairs of sentences into one by using appropriate cause and effect expressions:

  1. The price of petrol has gone up. The essential commodities have become costlier.
  2. A nail has pierced the tyre. It has become flattened.
  3. Vertical boilers have been installed in the factory.Only a limited floor space is available.
  4. National criteria for handling wastes have not been fixed.Traders take full advantage of it.
  5. Recycling and disposal of wastes require sizable expenditure.In such situations,industries

Preferred to export their wastes to other countries.

  1. The reprocessing units in our country are far below the standard of efficiency.The environmentalists suggest a blanket ban on the import of wastes.
  2. There is a considerable increase in the number of industries.The quantum of wastes has also increased.
  3. The earth’s ice cover is melting at high rates.Polar regions are warming faster than the planet as a whole.
  4. Safety precautions were not observed.There were many accidents in the factory.
  5. Several new blocks of buildings have been built there.The huge canopy of trees has sia

8. Combine the following sentences using the expressions to show the idea of purpose:

  1. Safety instructions are given in symbols. People can quickly comprehend them.
  2. Pure feed water is used. This prevents the formation of deposits.
  3. Underground cable: carry electricity to towns.
  4. A telescope: view stars and other celestial bodies.
  5. CTS: conducted a three hour test.
  6. Internet browsing: Information is collected for many reasons.
  7. Tamil Nadu government: scrapped the entrance testto help rural boys and girls.
  8. Improvement examinations cancelled. Such students gain undue advantage.

9. Insert articles wherever necessary:

  1. He received ____ honorarium of Rs.1000/-
  2. Every one needs ___ visa to go to the other countries.
  3. ____ Principal is on rounds.
  4. Raghul is ___ Engineer by profession.
  5. Mr. Smith studied in ___ European University.
  6. I saw ___ stranger who was wearing a red turban.
  7. An apple a day keeps ___ doctor away.
  8. ____ earth has many satellites.
  9. ____ Neither land is a delight full holiday sport.
  10. ____bird has a keen eye sight to catch his prey.
  11. India is ___land of Pilgrims.
  12. I like ___ colour blue.
  13. Every citizen has ___ duty to perform.
  14. ____garnished food is always is a delightful sight.
  15. _____ talented artist is always recognized.


  1. If I were the captain of the Indian cricket team______________________________.
  2. If there had been drought in Coimbatore___________________________________.
  3. If the weather is good,____________________________
  4. If the water is pure,____________________________
  5. If I were a millionaire,_____________________
  6. If I won a lottery,________________________
  7. If the work had not been finished on schedule,_________________________
  8. If the whole operation had not been planned carefully in advance,_________________
  9. If the pressure in the boiler rises high,__________________________
  10. If there is a power breakdown,_______________________________
  11. If the isotopes are not shielded properly,_______________________
  12. If the plane crashed,_______________________________
  13. If he contested the election,________________________
  14. If you had approached him________________________
  15. If you had rung the bell,__________________________


  1. We do not use gold for coinage nowadays.
  2. There are three ways in which gold is treated to obtain pure gold.
  3. Yes, I may come on Thursday.
  4. A lot of research work is done on Nano Medicine.
  5. It is a Cloudy Day.
  6. We should always have an analytical mind.
  7. No, we can’t find a solution for this problem.
  8. Sometimes, technology can become a bane.
  9. The thoughtless youth has done that crime.
  10. It is difficult to grow a garden in a flat.


  1. Ramya will present her research topic at the conference.
  2. India defeated Pakistan in 1971 war.
  3. The committee is considering action on the bill.
  4. Oxford has published a new book on Etymology.
  5. Somebody has stolen the spare parts.
  6. We can motorize the pump.

13. Fill in the blanks with the suitable verbs given in brackets:

    1. The Parliament ______(has/have) its speaker.
    2. Every body _______(appreciate/ appreciates) Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s speech.
    3. Computer classroom and lab ______ (was/ were) closed.
    4. The news ________ (are/is) not true.


1. Bacteria

  1. Osmosis
  2. Antibiotic
  3. Triangle
  4. Nuclear reactor
  5. System software
  6. Food processor
  7. Hard disk
  8. Laptop
  9. Satellite
  10. Rocket
  11. Miller
  12. Caterpillar
  13. Electronics
  14. Projector
  15. Processor
  16. Submarine
  17. Pillar
  18. Concrete
  19. Miller
    1. Insert the suitable adverbs in the blanks:

1. He speaks very_____.

2. I____ expects to pass in the examination.

3. Ram arrived _____ in the morning.

4. This essay is _____ written.

5. I stood ____by his speech.

6. On seeing the police the thief ran _____.

7. Kala spoke less____-

8. The Manager abused ____-

9. The child was crying____.

10. His friend pacified him ____.

16. Punctuate the following passage:

Science fiction are one of the most popular form of literature it command a very wich reading public many writer of the word are trying to produse it

Without bambos the villagas cannot survive says M.N. Buch farmer forest seceretary of Madhya Pradesh the blooming bamboo of bastar yield 3000 to 4000 quintais of rare seed

In 1895 the oil rich countrees came to realise that if they acts together there oil deposits could be a source of great power and wealth and their action of increase the price of oil immedietely afterwards, almost hold the developed countries to ransom.


a. -------- nutrition

  1. -------- reconcilable

c. -------- accountable

  1. -------- normal

a. -------- associate

b. ---------repairable

c. -------- typical

d. --------- aided

  1. -------- structure
  2. -----pass
  3. -----confidence
  4. ------division
  1. ----tension
  2. ---apply
  3. -----scopic
  4. -----form
  1. ---lingual
  2. ---assuring
  3. ---critical
  4. ----laterally
  1. -----sales
  2. ----write
  3. -----cast
  4. -----hold

1. --- moral

2. --- fortune

3. --- suitable

4. --- legal


  1. That book is well worth to read.
  2. He stopped to shout.
  3. It is better to keep the key with you.
  4. It’s no use to worry about that.
  5. To preach people what is life is always easy.
  6. To build a beautiful house near the sea shore is my dream.
  7. I instructed my child to count his fingers and to add.
  8. Gandhi’s policy is to practice and preach.
  9. To see is to believe.
  10. To see a monster is a horrifying sight.


  1. The water is allowed to cool for ten minutes.
  2. Water is poured into a jar
  1. The connections to the TV antenna should be checked.
  1. The results should be plotted on a graph
  2. Switch off the cylinder soon after its use.
  3. Park your car in the car shed.
  4. Avoid the risk at any cost.
  5. Collect the data on the sheet.
  6. Note down the boiling point.
  7. Take a little rice at noon along with plenty of vegetables.


    1. A resistor
    2. A Calculator
    3. A computer Program
    4. Thermometer
    5. Robot
    6. Micro flim
    7. Photo copier
    8. Nuclear reactor
    9. Artificial Intelligence.
    10. Lubricant.


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