Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications (LICA)–16 marks (Part B)–Important Questions– 2nd Edition

Anna University

Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications (LICA)–16 marks (Part B)– 2nd Edition

Department of EEE

Semester : IV

Year : 2nd Yr

Unit 1

1.Explain Fabrication of typical circuit.

2.Briefly explain the procedure involved in fabrication of diodes , capacitance and resistance.

3.Describe the steps involved in the fabrication of IC’s with neat sketch.

4.Explain the following process with neat sketch

i) Epitaxial Growth.

ii) Photolithography

iii) Ion implementation

iv) Isolation technique.

5.Briefly explain the various types of IC packages.

Unit 2

1.Explain the AC & DC characteristics of an OP-Amp.

2.Briefly explain the frequency response of an OP-Amp. Give the frequency compensation techniques adopted in op-amp?

3.Explain with neat diagram and equations for the following applications of an op-amp?




4.With a neat diagram explain the types of feedback configuration available in a closed loop amplifier.

5.Problems based on





Unit 3

1.What is an instrumentation amplifier? Give the important features of an instrumentation amplifier. Explain the working of three op-amp instrumentation.

2.Design and Explain triangular wave generator using Schmitt trigger and integrator circuit and derive the expression for its frequency?

3.Explain the following DAC’s with relevant diagrams and waveforms.

i) Weighted resistor DAC

ii) R-2R ladder DAC

iii)Inverted R-2R ladder DAC

4.Explain the following ADC’s with relevant diagrams and waveforms.

i) Dual slope ADC

ii) Successive Approximation ADC.

iii) Flash type ADC.

5.Explain the following applications of op-amp with its working.

i)Sample and Hold (S/H) circuit.

ii)Peak detector

iii) V/I & I/V convertor.

6.Explain the first order and second order low pass Butterworth filter with neat diagram. Drive the frequency and plot the same.

7.List out the ADC/DAC specifications and explain.

Unit 4

1.List the important features of the 555timer. Also write about the two basic modes in which the 555 timer operates.

2.With the help of Schematic circuit, explain the operation of 566 VCO. Also derive an expression for the o/p frequency.

3.With a neat diagram explain the working of Phase Locked Loop (PLL). Give its application.

Unit 5

1.With a neat diagram explain the switching regulator IC ma 7840 (or) Switch mode Power Supply.

2.Draw the functional diagram of ICL 8038 function generator IC and Explain its operation.

3.Write note on i)Isolation Amplifier.

ii) Power Amplifier LM380

iii) IC LM723

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