BA 9210 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Questions Bank 2014

Anna University, Chennai



1. Explain Basic Elements of strategic Management process.

2. Describe about Corporate Governance Definition.

3. What are the Responsibilities of business.

4. Describe strategic planning process

5. Describe Michele porter’s Five forces model of Industry Analysis.

6. Explain the conceptual framework of Strategic Management Process. (OR) Explain the basic elements of Strategic Management process.

7. How do the terms mission, objectives, strategies, programs, budgets, procedures differ in the true sense? – Explain.

8. What are the different modes of Strategic decision-making and explain the process of strategic decision-making?

9. Explain in detail a formal Strategic planning process.

10. Explain the relationship between corporate Governance and Social responsibility. Take the case of an Indian company and elucidate.

11. What is Corporate Governance? Indicate how and why companies are embracing

Corporate Governance practices.

12. “Corporate Governance is not suitable for Indian Business environment” – Discuss.

13. What recommendations would you make to improve the effectiveness of today’s Boards

of Directors?

14. How are Companies fulfilling their Social responsibility?

15. Discuss the popular theories of Social Responsibility.



1. Describe about the stages in the Industry Life cycle?

2. Describe the different attributes of national competitive advantage

3. What are the Generic Building blocks competitive advantage.

4. Define Functional Strategy and Explain various Functional Strategies in an organization?

5. Explain about corporate Strategy

6. . Discuss how a development in a Corporation’s societal (Macro) environment can affect

the corporation through its task environment.

7. What is relevance of the resource-based view of the firm to strategic management in a global environment?

8. How can a decision-maker identify strategic factors in the corporation’s external and

International environment?

9. If your organization could get accurate answers to 12 questions about its competitive environment, what questions would it ask?

10. Explain how value chain analysis could help in organizational analysis.

11. Explain the application of TOWS matrix in strategy formulation.

12. According to Porter, what determines the level of competitive intensity in an industry?

(OR) Explain the role of Porter’s approach in industry analysis.

13. What is SWOT analysis? Explain the components of SWOT analysis.

14. What are the generic building blocks of competitive advantage? Elaborate.

15. Elaborate on the sources of distinctive competencies.

16. Explain the impact of the Product life cycle on sources of competitive advantage.



1. Business units have a choice of three generic strategies. Explain these strategies.

2. What is the rationale of strategic alliance? Why do such alliances fail?

3. “Joint Ventures are emerging as the best tool for reaching new markets”. - Comment.

4. Explain in detail the corporate strategy in terms of directional strategies such as Growth, Stability and Retrenchment strategies.

5. What is Portfolio analysis? Explain the components of Portfolio analysis.

6. Define Functional strategy. Explain various functional strategies in an organization.

7. Define Portfolio strategy. Explain the ways of evaluating it.

8. Define corporate strategy. Explain the various types of corporate strategy.

9. Explain in detail the Strategic Choice process.

10. Explain in detail the strategies pursued by International companies.

11. “Balanced Scorecard is a superior performance measurement tool”.- Explain.



1. Explain about Business Level Strategy

2. Define directional strategy and Explain the dimensions of directional


3. Explain Non-For-profit strategies?

4. Explain Entrepreneurial venture

5. Explain innovation and sources of innovation

6. Describe the steps in strategic evaluation and control process.

7. Discuss the role of Corporate Culture in strategic management.

8. Explain the strategic management process in organizational life cycle.

9. How can a corporate keep sliding into the decline stage of the organizational life cycle?

10. Explain the steps in control process and various types of control system.

11. What are some ways to implement a retrenchment strategy without creating a lot of resentment and conflict with Labour unions?

12. How can corporate culture be changed?

13. Elaborate on the broad forms of organization structure.

14. Explain the primary measures of Corporate performance in strategic evaluation.

15. How should an owner-manager prepare a company for its movement in Organizational life cycle?

16. How do conflict and politics affect formulation and implementation of generic competitive strategies



1. What are the factors which affect a new ventures success?

2. What are the steps involved in Evaluation of Control

3. Explain corporate culture .

4. What are the different organization structure

5.Explain Strategy implementation

6. Explain strategic control

7. Distinguish between profit-making organizations and not-for-profit organization? Explain with suitable examples.

8. How should a small entrepreneurial company engage in environmental scanning? To what aspects of the environment should management pay most attention?

9. What considerations should small-business entrepreneurs keep in mind when they are deciding if a company should follow a growth or a stability strategy? (OR) What considerations should small-business entrepreneurs keep in mind when the company grows and develops over time?

10. Discuss the strategic issues in Not-for-profit organizations.

11. How can a company develop Corporate Entrepreneurship culture? (OR) How can a company develop an Entrepreneurial culture?

12. How does innovation occur in an organization? Identify the characteristics of innovative

organizations and what are the factors that limit an organization’s capacity to innovate?

13. What is technology research and how does it differ from market research?

14. In terms of Strategic Management, how does a new venture’s situation differ from that of

an ongoing small company?

15. What is the impact of strategic management on not-for-profit organization?

16. Define Innovation. What are the characteristics of an attractive industry from an

entrepreneur’s point of view?

17. What factors help determine whether a company should outsource a technology?

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