ME1403Computer Integrated Manufacturing Questions Bank 2014

Anna University, Chennai




1. Briefly explain the nature and role of the elements of CIM system.

2. Describe the basic activities that must be carried out in a factory to convert raw materials into finished product.

3. Describe the changing manufacturing and management scenario after the development of


4. What do you understand by term islands of automation? List and explain any six islands of automation.

5. List some CIM hardware and CIM software and bring out the various benefits of implementing a CIM system.


1. Explain about Optiz classification and coding system.

2. Define variant CAPP systems. Explain the general procedure for using one of the variant

CAPP systems.

3. Discuss about MICLASS and DCLASS classification and coding system.

4. Briefly discuss the various benefits of implementing a GT in a firm. Also bring out the advantages and limitations of using GT.

5. Explain in detail the process planning activities.


1. Explain the component of FMS and FMS layout configuration.

2. Explain three phases of shop floor control.

3. Write an engineering brief about the various types of automatic identification technologies.

4. Write short notes on various materials handling equipment that are commonly found in a


5. What is MRP? Explain the inputs to MRP and various MRP outputs. Also list the various benefits of MRP.


1. Explain the components of a Local Area Network and network topologies.

2. a) Explain the CIMOSA model with a neat diagram

b) Describe product data management and its advantages.

3. What is data communication? Identify and briefly explain the five components of a data

Communication system.

4. Compare the two methods of serial transmission. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

5. Writes short notes on: Ethernet, token ring, and FDDI.

6. What is network management? Discuss the various functions of it.

1. Explain about MAP/TOP.


2. a) Explain manufacturing Automation Protocol. b) Explain Technical Office protocol.

3. Explain the features of a database management system and database model.

4. Describe about the following a) Database operators.

b) Relational databases

5. What are the three levels of architecture of a database system? Describe them.

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