ME 1402– MECHATRONICS Two Marks Questions With Answers 2014

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1. Explain about open loop and closed loop control system. a) Block Diagram(4)

b) Basic element of closed loop system(4)

c) Shaft speed control system(4)

d) Automatic control of water level(4)

2. Explain about Automatic camera and engine management system. a) Block diagram of camera(4)

b) Explaination(4)

c) Block diagram of engine management system(4)

d) Explaination(4)

3. Write short notes on performance terminology of sensors?

a) Range and span(2)

b) Error(2)

c) Accuracy(2)

d) Sensitivity(2)

e) Hysteresis error(2)

f) Non linearity error(2)

g) Stability(2)

h) Dead band /Time(2)

4. Explain about static and dynamic charecteristics of sensors. a) Response time(4)

b) Time constant(4)

c) Rise time(4)

d) Settling time(4)

5. Explain about Displacement sensor

a) Potentiometer sensor(4) b) Strain gauge element(4) c) Capacitive element(4)

d) Differential transformer(4)

6. Explain about Position and proximity

a) Eddy current proximity sensor(2)

b) Optical encoder(4)

c) Pneumatic sensor(4)

d) Proximity switches(2)

e) Hall effect sensor(2)

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7. Explain about velocity and motion. a) Tachogenerator(8)

b) Phroelectric sensor(8)

8. Explain about Fluid pressure and liquid flow a) Diaphragms pressure gauge(2) b) Capsule and bellow type(2)

c) Tube pressure sensor(2)

d) PVDF Tactile sensor(2)

e) Orifice plate(2)

f) Floats(2)

g) Diff Pressure(2)

h) Turbine meter(2)

9. Explain about temperature sensor a) Bimetallic strip(4)

b) Resistance temperature detectors(4)

c) Thermistors(4)

d) Thermocouple(4)

10. Give short notes on light sensor and selection of sensors?

a) Photo diode(4)

b) Photo transistor(4)

c) Photo resistor(4)

d) Selection of sensors(4)

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1. Explain about Directional control valves a) Spool valves(2)

b) Poppet valves(2)

c) Valve symbols(2)

Pressure control valves

a. Press regulating valve(2)

b. Press Limiting valves(2)

c. Press Sequence valve(2)

Rotary actuators

a) Vane type rotary(2)

b) Vane motor(2)

2. Explain about Cams and cams followers

Type of cams

a. Eccentric(2)

b. Heart Shaped(1)

c. Pear Shaped(1) Cam followers

a. Point(2) b. Knife(2) c. Roller(2)

d. Sliding and oscillating(2)

e. Flat(2)

f. Mushroom(2)

3. Explain about Gear trains

Gear axes

a) Parallel(2)

b) Inclined to one another(2)



a. Axial(2)

b. Helical(2)

c. Double Helical(2)

a. Rack and pinion(3)

b. Two meshed gears(3)

4. Explain about Belt and chain drives

Types of belt

a. Flat(2)

b. Round(2)

c. V(2)

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d. Timing(2) Reversed belt drives

a. Crossed belt(4)

b. Open belt(4)

5. Explain about Bearings

Types of ball and roller bearings

1. Deep groove(2)

2. Filling Slot(2)

3. Angular contact(2)

4. Double row(2)

5. Self aligning(2)

6. Thrust grooved race(2)

7. Straight roller(2)

8. Taper roller(1)

9. Needle roller(1)

10. Selection of bearings(1)

6. Explain about Mechanical and solid state switches a) Diode(2)

b) Thyristor and TRIAC(4)

c) Bipolar transistor(2)

d) MOSFET(2)

e) Relays(2)

f) Solenoids(2)

7. Explain about DC motors

a) Basic principle(4)

b) Permanent magnet DC motor(2)

c) Series wound motor(2)

d) Shunt wound motor(2)

e) Compound motor(2)

f) Separatly excited motor(2)

g) Control of DC motor(4)

8. Explain about AC Motor

a) Single phase induction motor(6) b) Three phase induction motor(6) c) Syn motor(6)

9. Explain about Stepper motor

a) Variable reluctance stepper(2)

b) Permanent magnet stepper(2)

c) Hybrid stepper(2)

d) Stepper motor specification(10)

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10. Explain about Stepper motor control.

a) Full Stepping Bipolar(4)

b) Half Stepping Bipolar(4) c) Full Stepping unipolar(4) d) Half Stepping unipolar(4)

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1. Write notes on mechanical building block a) Spring(2)

b) Dashpot(2)

c) Mass(2)

Rotational System

a. Spring(2)

b. Rotational Damper(2)

c. Moment of inertia(2)

Building up a mechanical system(4)

2. Write notes on Electrical system building block a) Inductor (2)

b) Capacitor(2)

c) Resistor(2)

d) Resistor Inductor system(3)

e) Resistor Capacitor system(3)

f) Resistor Inductor Capacitor system(4)

3. Write notes on Fluid system building block i. Hydraulic Resistance(2)

ii. Hydraulic Capacitance(2)

iii. Hydraulic Inertance(2)

iv. Pneumatic Resistance(2)

v. Pneumatic Capacitance(2)

vi. Pneumatic inertance(2)

vii. Model for a fluid systems(2)

viii. Comparition(2)

4. Explain about Thermal system building block and electromechanical system. a) Thermal capacitance(2)

b) Thermal Resistance(2)

c) Potentiometer(4)

d) DC Motor(8)

e) Armature controller(4)

f) Field controller(4)

5. Explain about Control modes

a) Proportional mode(4)

b) Derivative mode(4)

c) Integral mode(4)

d) PID Controller(4)

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6. Explain about Electronic controller

a) Electronic P controller(4) b) Electronic D controller(4) c) Electronic I controller(4)

d) Electronic PID controller(4)

7. Explain about Velocity and Digital controller. a) Velocity control(4)

b) Adaptive control (4)

c) Digital controllers(8)

8. Write short notes on Digital Logic control?

Number system

a. Binary(2)

b. Decimal(2)

c. Octal(2)

d. Hexadecimal(2)

Logic Gates

a. AND(1)

b. OR(1)

c. NOT(1)

d. NAND(1)

e. NOR(1)

f. XOR(1)

g. XNOR(1)

9. Give the Application of logic gates.

Digital comparator(4) Code convertor

a. BCD to Decimal(2)

b. Decimal to BCD(2)

Flip Flop

a. RS FF(2) b. D FF(2) c. JK FF(2) d. T FF(2)

10. Explain about Microprocessor. a) Architecture(8)

b) Temperature measurement(4)

c) Domestic washing machine(4)

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1. Explain about the basic structure of PLC

a) Architecture of PLC(4)

b) Block Diagram(4) Input / Output Processing

a. Input module(4)

b. Output module(4)

2. Write short notes on the programming of PLC?

Logic Function

a. AND(2)

b. OR(2)

c. NOT(2)

d. NAND(2)

e. NOR(2)

f. XOR(2) Latching(4)

3. Explain about the Mnemonics. a) AND(2)

b) OR (2)

c) NOT(2)

d) NAND(2)

e) NOR(4)

f) XOR(4)

4. What are the types of timers and internal relay?

a) Cascaded timer(2)

b) ON/OFF Cyclic timer(2)

c) Delay OFF timer(2)

d) ON time delay timer(2)

e) Shift Register(4)

f).Master and Jump control(4)

5. Explain about Data Handling and Manupulation. a) Data movement(4)

b) Data Comparisition(8)

c) Selection of PLC(4)

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1. What are the stages in designing mechatronics system?

a) Need(2)

b) Analysis of problem(2)

c) Preparation of a specification(2)

d) Generation of possible solution(2)

e) Selection of a suitable solution(2) f) Production of a detailed design(3) g) Production of working drawings(3)

2. Explain about the Traditional and mechatronics system. a) Timed switch(4)

b) 555 Timer(4)

c) Microprocessor(4)

d) PLC Timer operation(4)

3. Explain about the Wind screen wiper motion a) Wiper Mechanism(8) b) Stepper interface(4

c) Integrated circuit for stepper(4)

4. Give the working methods of weighing machine?

a) Analog scale(4)

b) A/D Converter(4)

c) Microprocessor interface(8)

5. Give Short notes about Pick and place robot?

a) Diagram(4)

b) PLC diagram (4)

c) PLC Ladder Diagram(4)

d) Explaination(4)

6. Give Short notes about Automatic car park barrier?

a) Diagram(4)

b) PLC diagram (4)

c) PLC Ladder Diagram(4)

d) Explaination(4)

7. Explain about Engine management system. a) Diagram(4)

b) PLC diagram (4)

c) PLC Ladder Diagram(4)

d) Explaination(4)

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8. Explain about Automatic Camera. a) Diagram(4)

b) Block Diagram(8)

c) Explaination(4)

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