IT1401- Web Technology Questions Bank 2014

Anna University, Chennai





SUB.CODE / NAME : IT1401- Web Technology


1. Define www and Internet.

2. List the features of JavaScript..

3. Define protocol.


4. List out some common protocol used in mail services.

5. Define MIME headers.

6. Give short notes on IMAP.

7. Define HTTP.

8. List out the various Escape sequences available in java script.

9. Define user agent.

10. Give an example for compound assignment operator.

11. Differentiate between Recursion and Iteration.

12. Define function with example.

13. Which statement is used to display content on webpage?

14. Define cookies.

15. Write a program in JavaScript to read and display your name in the webpage.

16. Define object in JavaScript with example.

17. Define arrays with example.


with single statement.


b) Write a java script program for alert dialog box displaying multiple lines.


2. a) Write a program in java script to convert number bases.


b) Write a program in java script to find maximum of 3 numbers using standard math Function.

4. a) Write a program in java script to calculate factorial using recursive function.


b) Write program in java script to sort an array.


5. Write a program in java script to perform sorting in an array.


6. Explain: i) Document object ii) Window object

(08+ 08)

7. Develop a welcome page using various JavaScript concepts.


8. Define Protocol. Explain the importance of HTTP and FTP protocols.


9. Explain in detail about SMTP and IMAP protocols.


10. Explain in detail about POP3 and MIME protocols.


1. a) Write a simple program in JavaScript to print multiple line of text in a web page with a Program

1. Define Dynamic HTML (DHTML).



2. Differentiate between collection all object and collection children object.

3. Give short notes on navigator object.

4. Write a note on DHTML Object Model.

5. Define Event Model.

6. Define Event Bubbling.

7. Give the use of onload and onclick event with example.

8. List out the keyboard events available in DHTML.

9. How errors are handled in DHTML?

10. Write a short note on Filters and also mention its types.

11. Define Transitions.

12. Differentiate between Mask Filter and Blur Filter.

13. List out the styles created during different transitions from opaque to transparent.

14. Give the use of offx and offy properties of Dropshadow.

15. Differentiate Apply and Play methods in Transition.

16. List the possible opacity attributes of the alpha filter.

17. Define Data Binding.

18. Give short note on sort property of ActiveX control.

19. List out the Data Binding Elements.

20. Which statement is used to bind an image and table in webpage? Give an example for it.

21. List out the Mouse events available in DHTML.

22. Define Error handling in DHTML.


1. a) Write a program in java script for dynamic positioning of text in the page. (08)



2. a) Write a program in JavaScript to indirect the users using the navigator object.


b) Write a program in java script for on-click event.


3. Explain DOM.


4. a) Write a program in JavaScript to handle on-focus and onblur events.


b) Explain data binding with example.


5. Explain event bubbling with examples.


6. Explain image filters in detail with examples.


7. Explain advanced filters in detail.


8. a) Write a program in java script to bind a data to a table element.


b) Write a program in java script to sort data in table.


b) Write a program in java script to create multiple frames and also access the object in other



1. Write a short note on get method and post method.

2. Define Electronic commerce.

3. Differentiate between client side scripting and server side scripting.

4. How will you access the local server?

5. Define DNS Lookup.

6. List out functions of web server.

7. Define Microsoft agent control.

8. Write a short note on bgsound element and also give an example for it.

9. Define SMIL.

10. Define WTLS.

11. Define SSL.

12. What is consumer tracking?

13. Write a short note on embed element and also give an example for it

14. Define multimedia.

15. Mention the necessity of key management schemes.

16. What is micro payment?

17. Define IPSec.

18. List out the various security attacks in network.

19. What is branding?

20. Define SVG.

21. Define cryptanalysis.

22. Define IIS.

1. Explain IIS in detail.


2. Explain in detail about Apache Web server.


3. Write a program in JavaScript to play a video file with IMG element.


4. Write a program in JavaScript to embed audio/video file with embed element.


5. Explain in detail about SMIL.


6. Explain in detail about SVG.


7. Explain Multitier Application Model.


8. Explain the HTTP request types with an example.


9. Explain briefly about the models of E-business in detail.


10. Explain: i) Credit card payment ii) Micro payment

(08 + 08)

11. Explain the various E-Business models.


12. Explain briefly about the E-marketing strategies in detail.



1. List out the uses of XML.



2. Mention the features of scripting languages.

3. Define DTD.

4. Differentiate Internal DTD and External DTD with eg.

5. What is XML prolog?

6. List out the XML vocabularies.

7. Differentiate URI and URL.

8. Define XML parser.

9. What is meant by XML namespace?

10. Define XSLT.

11. Define CSS.

12. Mention the advantage of using validating parser over non validating parser.

13. Define DOM.

14. Write a short note on DBMS.

15. Define relational database model.

16. Give the use of primary key in database with eg.

17. Give the syntax for merging data from multiple tables.

18. What is session tracking?

19. What is the purpose of using file system objects in ASP?

20. What is meant by Server side ActiveX component?

21. Define ADO.

22. What is meant by Session object?

1. a) Explain SQL features with eg.


b) Explain XML Namespace with an example.


2. Describe in detail about DTD and XML Schema.


3. Explain the various XML vocabularies with example.


4. Explain DOM and its methods with an example.


5. Explain Server side ActiveX Component in detail with eg.


6. Explain the following: i) ASP objects. ii) File System objects.

(08 + 08)

7. Explain in detail about how to access a database using ASP with example.


8. a) Explain Session tracking and Cookies.


b) Explain ADO in detail.





1. List out advantages of using server side scripting.

2. Compare ASP and JSP.

3. Define CGI.

4. Give the syntax of doPost and doGet methods.

5. Give reasons for using javax.servlet package.

6. Write a servlet program to display a hello world message.

7. What are the key components of a JSP?

8. What is the usage of JSP page directive?

9. Define Include Directive.

10. Mention the purpose of Init() and destroy() functions.

11. Differentiate implements and extends variables.

12. What is meant by implicit objects?

13. What is meant by standard actions>

14. Give reasons for using directives and also list its types.

15. Differentiate include action and forward action.

16. Why do we need connection pools in jdbc?

17. Define dynamic JSP?

18. What is page translation in JSP?

19. What are the four broad categories of core syntax elements defined by the JSP specification?

20. Define the term translation-time processing errors in JSP?

21. What is JSP scriptlets?

22. Difference between two-tier and n-tier model

23. What is Servlets?

1. a) Explain Servlet Life cycle.


b) Write a program in JavaScript to use JDBC from a Servlet.


2. Write a program in JavaScript to handle HTTP get and post requests.


3. Explain various scripting components in JSP with an example.


4. Explain the various Standard actions in detail.


5. Describe in detail about the types of Directives.


6. List and explain the Multitier Applications in detail.


7. Write a program in JavaScript to handle the redirection of HTTP requests.



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