Anna University, Chennai



Department of Management Studies




1.Define merchant banking? Discuss in detail the various services rendered by merchant bankers.

2.Elaborate the recent developments and challenges ahead of merchant banking in


3.Describe the provisions of the company act 1956 relating to transfer of shares and issue of share certificates.

4.Outline the pre issue activities relating to the issue of share capital through prospectus

5.Trace the origin of Merchant Banking briefly

6.State the capital adequacy requirement prescribed for the merchant bankers by the



1. Explain the various methods of public issue? What is an IPO? Explain the IPO issue management activities performed by merchant banker.

2. Discuss the guidelines for Merchant Bankers issued by SEBI.

3. Name some of the companies that carry out underwriting business in India.

4. Discuss the major issues of mergers and acquisitions in India

5. What do you know the 'IPO' method of marketing securities? Explain the procedure involved in the same.

6. What are the guidelines issued by SEBI with regard to the underwriting business in


7. What are the guidelines for book-building? Explain.

8. Discuss the guidelines to be followed by DFI.

9. Describe the concept of QIP.


1. What is credit rating? What functions does it provide? Why do companies go for rating their securities? What benefits do the investors get from credit rating?

2. Define a mutual fund and describe the various schemes that can be offered by it.

3. What are the functions of credit rating? Explain the benefits of credit rating to rated companies and investors.

4. Explain the classification of mutual funds what factors should be considered before selecting a mutual fund?

5. Outline the procedure related to the registration of portfolio managers under the

SEBI regulations, 1993.

6. Explain the various factors to be considered before selecting a mutual.


1. Discuss briefly the role played by various participants in lease finance services.

2. Identify the different ways of determining the rate of interest under the hire purchase finance arrangement.

3. State the different approaches of ascertaining the purchase price by an acquiring firm.

4. Write a detailed note on syndication of working capital funds by merchant bankers.

5. Discuss briefly the role played by various participants in lease finance services.

6. Identify the different ways of determining the rate of interest under the hire purchase finance arrangement.


1. What is a credit card? What are the facilities offered to credit card holders? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of credit card to various parties.

2. What are the methods of venture capital financing in India. Explain the importance of venture capital for the development of a country.

3. Discuss the scope of venture capital. Offer suggestions for the success of venture capital in India.

4. What are the facilities offered to credit card holders? Discuss the benefits and disadvantages of credit card to its holder, issuer and the member establishment.

5. What are the facilities and services provided by credit card issuers?

6. How do you appreciate the need for regulating the growth of venture capital funds in



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