DIGITAL LOGIC CIRCUITS (DLC)–16marks (Part B)–Important Questions

Anna University


EEE Department

Semester 4



1. Problem from Quine Mc-Cluskey method (16)

2. Problem from Code converters (16)

3. Design (or) implementation of multiplexer ,de-multiplexer circuits (each 8)

4. Problem from designing the combinational circuits. (16)

5. problem from simplification and implementation of SOP and POS functions using gates (8)

unit -2

1. problems from realisation of SR,D,T,JK flip flops (8)

2. problems from analysis of synchronous sequential circuits (16)

3. problems from design of synchronous sequential circuits using flip flop(16)

4. design of counters (12)

unit -3

1. problems of analysis of asynchronous sequential circuits (16)

2. problems of design of asynchronous sequential circuits (16)


1. draw the TTL inverter circuits (12)

2. explain the working of 2 input and 3 input TTL totem pole NAND gate .(16)

3. explain the concept of concept ,operation and characteristics of CMOS family. Draw the circuit of CMOS two input NAND gate and explain its operation (16)

4. draw the circuit of CMOS using NAND and NOR gates (6)

5. write a note on ROM and its type (16)

6. problem from designing a ROM circuits (8)

7. problem from implementing the Boolean function with the PLA (12)

unit -5

1. explain the design procedure of RTL design using VHDL (16)

2. write the note on test benches and its types (8)

3. program using VHDL code can be asked (16)

(example : mod 16, full adder, half adder, counters, multiplexers, de-multiplexer etc.)

Tips :

· be knowledgeable with all gates and flip flop truth tables.

· Especially be knowledgeable in excitation table of all flip flop so that u can attend part A and B question of unit 2 and 3.

· Be knowledgeable in steps of design and analysis of both synchronous and asynchronous sequential circuits... sometimes it can be asked as a 16 mark question.

· Be knowledgeable in Boolean function i.e expression for half adder, full adder, parity generator, code convertor etc.......

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