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Subject Code : FT1014




1. What is fashion?

2. What is role of fashion in apparel industry?

3. Give brief notes on nature of fashion

4. What is role of environment in fashion industry?

5. What is fashion business?

6. How will you promote the fashion business?

7. What are key factors involving in fashion business?

8. Give short notes on segment of fashion industry.

9. How will you develop the segment of fashion industry?

10. What are all the key factors involving in the fashion industry?


11. Explain in detail about the nature of fashion.

12. What is the important of environment in fashion industry?

13. What is fashion business? Explain in detail.

14. Explain about segment of fashion industry in detail.

15. Give short notes on (a) Fashion business (b) Environment



1. What is merchandising?

2. What is the role of merchandiser in apparel industry?

3. What is the principle of merchandising?

4. Give brief notes on type of merchandising.

5. What is product presentation?

6. What is role of consumer in merchandising?

7. What are the qualities required for merchandiser?

8. Give the basic function of merchandiser.

9. What is the importance of merchandising department in apparel industry?

10. What is importance of time & action calendar?


11. Explain about role of merchandiser in detail.

12. What are the principles of merchandising?

13. Explain about the type of merchandising in detail.

14. What is role of consumer in merchandising? Explain in detail



1. What are visual displays?

2 Give the importance of visual displays

3. What is fashion communication?

4. How will you promote fashion communication?

5. Give notes on type of advertising.

6. What is important of advertising in fashion communication?

7. What is visual merchandising?

8. Give advantages of visual merchandising.

9. Write short on 3D visual merchandising system

10. What are all the optimizing techniques in retail space?


11. Explain in detail with relevant examples the importance of visual displays.

12. What is fashion communication? Explain detail

13. Explain about visual merchandising in fashion industry.

14. What are the benefits of 3D visual merchandising system? Explain with relevant example.



1. Define retail environment

2. What is importance of retail environment?

3. Compare visual merchandising with fashion merchandising.

4. Give short notes on optimize apparel assortments.

5. Retail merchandising plays main role in fashion industry why?

6. What is fashion merchandising?

7. Give the advantages of fashion merchandising.

8. What are the parameters considered while creating retail environment?

9. What is role of fashion merchandising in fashion industry?

10. Give your comments about visual merchandising and retail merchandising.


11. Comparison between visual merchandising and fashion merchandising.

12. Explain about retail environment in details.

13. Write about optimize apparel assortment in detail

14. Fashion merchandising in apparel industry explain the statements with relevant notes.



1. What is meant by assortment planning?

2. Write about visual data management.

3. Briefly explain about data sharing

4. What are the basic steps for assortment planning?

5. What is mean by visualization?

6. What is important of visual data management?

7. What is role of data sharing in assortment sharing?

8. What is all the department involved in assortment planning?

9. Give short notes on printing in assortment planning

10. What are the advantages of visualization?


11. Explain in detail about assortment planning

12. Write a detail notes on visual data management

13. What is data sharing? Explain in detail

14. Give notes on following

(a) Visualization

(b) Printing in assortment planning

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