Advanced Computer Architecture–Unit 1 Question Bank

Anna University

Department of Computer Science& Engineering

Subject code/Title: CS2354 / Advanced Computer Architecture

Year/Sem : III / VI




1. What is meant by Instruction Level Parallelism?

2. What is meant by loop unrolling?

3. What is meant by dependence? List the type of dependence.

4. What are the characteristics of dependence?

5. How can data dependence be overcome?

6. What are the types of name dependence? Explain.

7. What are the advantages of dynamic scheduling

8. What is meant by Reservation Station (RS)?

9. What is meant by Branch Prediction?

10. What are the types of branch prediction techniques?

11. What are the benefits of branch prediction?

12. What is the use of Common Data Bus (CDB)?

13. Define RAW, WAW, WAR hazards.

14. What is meant by Speculation?

15. Give the key idea behind implementing speculation.

16. What is imprecise exception? Give two possibilities for imprecise exception.

17. Give the two stages in Out-of-order execution.

18. Give the fields that RS contains.

19. What is ROB? Give the fields that ROB contains.

20. Define correlating branch predictors with example.

21. Define tournament predictors.

22. Draw the state diagram for 2-bit branch prediction.

23. Differentiate 1-bit and 2-bit branch predictors.


1. Explain briefly about Tomasulo’s approach. [16]

2. (i) Explain the implementation methods of Tomasulo’s approach. [10]

(ii) Explain ILP with a suitable example. [6]

3. Explain the mechanism and steps involved in speculation. [16]

4. Explain the compiler technique that is used to expose ILP. [16]

5. Explain briefly about dynamic branch prediction. [16]

6. What is ILP? Explain the dependence and data hazards in ILP [16]

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