Anna University–Engineering Chemistry 1–Important Two Marks

Engineering Chemistry 1 – Important Two Marks

1. What are refractories? How are they classified?

2. Define refractoriness.

3. What is meant by refractoriness under load?

4. What is meant by refractoriness of a refractory?

5. Why is silica bricks expand on heating?

6. Define porosity of a refractory.

7. What is meant by dimensional stability? Mention their types.

8. What is meant by thermal spalling? Mention two causes of thermal spalling.

9. Pyrometric cone equivalents of bricks A, B and C are 28, 32 and 36

respectively. Arrange these in order of their increasing refractoriness.

10. What is an abrasive?

il. What are soft abrasives?

12. Mention some important applications of abrasives.

13. What is abrasive power?

14. What is diamond? Mention its types.

15. How is carborundum prepared?

16. What is Garnet? Give its uses?

17. What is Moh’s scale? Name the hardest substance known.

18. How is silicon carbide synthesized?

19. Define lubricant.

20. Why is lubricant needed?

21. Give two examples each for liquid, semi solid and solid lubricants.

22. Why are antioxidants added o hydrocarbon oils?

23. What is meat by the term oiliness of lubricating oil? How it can be


24. What are viscosity index improvers? Give examples.

25. What are blended oils?

26. What are pour point depressants? Give examples.

27. What are solid lubricants? Mentiontheir applications.

28. Under what conditions extreme pressure lubricant is used.

29. What should be flash point of a good lubricant?

30. What is significance of determining the pour point of a lubricant?

31. Why does graphite act as lubricant?

32. What are nanomaterialS?

33. What are carbon nanotubes?

34. What are fullerenes?

35. Give some examples for catalytic reaction, carried out by using CNTs.

36. Mention the important forms of SWNTs.

37. How is CNT produced in carbon arc method?

•38. What are greases? How are they classified?

39. Mention some important applications of CNTs.

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