Engineering Graphics–Set No . 1 Questions

1. A straight line AB of length 100 mm, initially tangential at A to a circle of 40 mm diameter, rolls without slipping on the circle, till the end B touches the circle. Show the paths of the ends A and B of the line and name the curves. [16]

2. The distance between the end projectors of a line AB is 50 mm. Point A is 15 mm above HP and 10 mm infront of VP. Point B is 40 mm above HP and 40 mm infront of VP. Find the true length of the line AB, the inclinations of the line AB with HP and VP. Locate HT and VT of the line by trapezoidal method. [16]

3. A hexagonal pyramid of base edge 20 mm and height 40 mm rests on one of the corners of the base in HP with its axis is inclined at 300 to HP and parallel to VP. A vertical section plane inclined at 300 to VP cuts the pyramid removing 15 mm length of the axis from apex. Draw the projections of the pyramid and find the true shape of the section. [16]

4. A vertical cylinder of base diameter 30 mm and axis 45 mm long is sectioned such that its front view appears as isosceles triangle of 30 mm and height 45 mm. Develop its surface. [16]

5. A vertical cone of 80 mm diameter and axis 100 mm long, is penetrated by hor- izontal cylinder of 60 mm diameter and 90 mm long such that, its axis is 5 mm behind the axis of the cone, at a height of 40 mm above its base. show the lines of instersection, when the axes of both solids are parallel to V.P. [16]

6. Draw the isometric view of the object whose orthographic projections are given in figure 6. All dimensions are in mm. [16]


Figure 6

7. Draw the following views of the dove tail stop given in figure 7. All dimensions are in mm.

(a) Front View

(b) Top View and

(c) Side View. [16]


Figure 7

8. Draw the perspective view of a rectangular plane of 40×30 mm which lies on the ground plane. One of the corners is touching the picture plane and an edge is inclined at 550 to picture plane. The station point is 30 mm in front of picture plane, 65 mm above the ground plane and lies in central plane which is at a distance of 30 mm to the right of the corner touching the picture plane. [16]

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