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Planning the Computer Program – Purpose – Algorithm – Flow Charts – Pseudocode

-Application Software Packages- Introduction to Office Packages (not detailed commands for examination).

1. What is a program?

A program is a set instruction written to carryout a particular task, so that computer can perform some specified task.

2. What is algorithm? (JAN 2009)

Algorithm means the logic of a program. It is a step-by-step description of how to arrive at a solution of a given problem.

3. What are the steps to solve the problem in a computer system?

Problem must be analyzed thoroughly.

Solution method is broken down into a sequence of small tasks.

Based on this analysis, an algorithm must be prepared to solve the problem.

The algorithm is expressed in a precise notation. This notation is known as

“Computer Program”.

The Computer program is fed to the computer.

The instruction in the program executes one after another and outputs the expected result.

4. How can you measure the quality of algorithm?

The primary factors that are often used to judge the quality of an algorithm are time requirement, memory requirement, and accuracy of solution.

5. What are the characteristics of an algorithm?

1. In algorithms each and every instruction should be precise.

2. In algorithms each and every instruction should be unambiguous.

3. The instructions in an algorithm should not be repeated infinitely.

4. Ensure that the algorithm will ultimately terminate.

5. The algorithm should be written in sequence.

6. It looks like normal English.

7. The desired result should be obtained only after the algorithm terminates.

6. How many types the Algorithm can be represented?

Normal English Program Flowchart Pseudo code Decision table

7. What is decision table?

A decision table is a table containing the selection of conditions to be tested and how those conditions should be nested to arrive at the proper action.

8. What is Flowchart?

A Flowchart is a pictorial representation of an algorithm. It is often used by programmer as a program planning tool for organizing a sequence of step necessary to solve a problem by a computer.

9. What is the need of Flowchart symbols?

Each symbol of different shapes denotes different shapes denote different types of instructions. The program logic through flowcharts is made easier through the use of symbol that has standardized planning.

10. What is pseudo code?

“Pseudo” means imitation of false and “code” refers to the instruction written in the programming language. Pseudo code is programming analysis tool that is used for planning program logic.

11. What is structured programming?

A structured programming is a more specific approach to solve a programming problem by using only the three basic logic structures. They are sequence logic, selection logic and Iteration logic.

12. Draw the flowchart to find the maximum among three numbers (JAN 2009)


13. What are the rules for drawing a flowchart?

The standard symbols should only be used.

The arrowheads in the flowchart represent the direction of flow of control in the problem.

The usual direction of the flow of procedure is from top to bottom or left to right. The flow lines should not cross each other.

Be consistent in using names and variables in the flowchart. Keep the flowchart as simple as possible.

Words in the flowchart symbols should be common statements and easy to understand.

Chart main line of logic, and then incorporate all the details of logic.

If a new page is needed for flowcharting, then use connectors for better representation.

Don’t chart every details or the flowchart will only be graphical represented.

14. What is sequence logic?

Sequence logic is used for performing instructions one after another in a sequence.

15. What is selection logic?

Selection logic is used for selecting the process path out of two or more alternative paths in the program logic. It uses three control structures called if…then, if… then…else and switch…case.

16. What is Iteration logic?

Iteration logic is used for producing loops in program logic when one or more instructions may be executed several times depending on some condition. It uses two control structures called do…while, and repeat…until.

17. What are the rules for writing pseudo code? (MAY


Write on statement per line. Capitalize initial keywords. Indent to show hierarchy. End multi line structure.

Keep statements language independent.

18. What are the features of word processors?


Permanent storage

Formatting Editing Graphics OLE

Spell Check

Mail merge

19. How many types a documented can be viewed?

* Normal view * Online layout

* Outline view * Page layout view

20. What are the menus available in Ms-Word?

File Edit View Insert

Format Tools Table Window Help

21. What is meant by Formatting?

Formatting is the process of changing the appearance of the text in the document.

22. Specify any five toolbars available in Ms-Word?

Standard Formatting Drawing

Tables & Boarders

WordArt etc.,

23. How many Line Spacing options available in Ms-Word?


1.5 Lines Double At least Exactly Multiple

24. What are the Text cases available in Ms-Word?

Sentence case lower case UPPER CASE Title Case tOGGLE CASE

25. What is Subscript and Superscript?

The Subscript format places the text slightly below a line of normal printed




The Superscript format places the text slightly above a line of normal printed


26. What is Tab and what are the Tab settings available in word?

Tab is used to control the alignment of text with in the document. Word provides seven types of tabs.

Standard (left) tab

Center tab Right tab Decimal tab Bar tab

First line Indent tab

Hanging Indent tab

27. Define Headers and Footers.

Header allows text, page number or section titles to appear on every page of document at the top position.

Footer allows text, page number or section titles to appear on every page of document at the bottom position.

28. What is a Table?

A Table is grid of rows and columns.

29. What is a Clipart?

Clipart is the attractive pre-defined, pre-colored pictures available in Ms-Word office suite.

30. Define a Template.

Template is a special kind of document that produces basic tools for shaping a final document.

31. Define operator and formula.

Operator:-An operator is a symbol, which can do a particular action on the operands.

Formula:-Is the mathematical expression used to carryout a particular process.

32. What is a function?

A function is a built-in mathematical shortcut used to perform a complex formula task.

33. What are the types of functions available in Excel?

There are nine types of functions available in Excel. Financial functions

Date and Time functions

Math and Trigonometry functions

Database functions Statistical functions Text functions

Lookup Reference functions Logical functions Information functions

34. What is a Label?

A label is the name describing the each column and row of a cell. It appears at the left and the top of a cell.

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