Anna University Chennai - 3rd Semester Nov / Dec 2011 Results Summary and Analysis

The Anna University of Technology Chennai is pleased to release the results of the November 2011 examination. The summary of the results is given below:

i) Total number of students appeared for examination : 64758

ii) Number of students passed in all subjects :  17401

iii) Percentage of all-pass students : 26.87

iv) Total number of scripts written : 734966

y) Total number of scripts passed : 461236

vi) Percentage of scripts passed : 62.76

There is a significant drop in the overall pass percentage in third semester due to the Lateral Entry admissions. The pass percentage of the 9381 students admitted laterally is 10.14, while the pass percentage of regular students alone stands at 29.71.
The pass percentages of individual colleges for the last three semesters will be displayed in the University web-site. The University congratulates the top 10 performing colleges during the last three semesters.

The list is almost constant. While congratulating the performing Colleges, the University is concerned with Colleges which are of 5 or more years of standing and not able to produce even 10 per cent of overall pass. Some Colleges which are more than 10 years old are not able to produce even 25 per cent overall
pass. They are not doing any justification for the faith put on them by the stakeholders. It is time that these Colleges improve their academic ambience.

In this regard, the University has found the faculty migration to be a major issue. Frequent movement of faculty creates a lot of disturbances in the academic processes and results in poor performance of students. It is time that these Colleges improve their service conditions and working environment. The faculty migration is also an issue in examination valuation works. The valuation is becoming so erratic that in some cases, we find the variation between valuation and revaluation to be unacceptable. Fixing responsibility on individual
faculty is our immediate concern.

The University likes to have the latest faculty list from all Colleges before taking up the revaluation works. All the Colleges are requested to update their faculty list on the AUTC e-portal before their revaluation request are accepted. The faculty list will be displayed in the website and the Colleges can cross check and report on wrong representation in other Colleges, if any.
The University wants to thank all the faculty and staff members who have helped the University in the valuation works. Special thanks are due to all Zonal Centres for the excellent manner in which they have conducted the examination and valuation works.

Wishing the Managements, Principals, faculty, staff and students of all Colleges a Happy Pongal.
Let 2012 brings many good things for all in AUTC!

With regards,
(Dr. C Thangaraj)

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